Welcome to Waïce Ferdoussi Attorney Company

Waïce Ferdoussi Attorney Company offers a variety of legal services. Our primary focus is in immigration law, but we also practice corporate law, international law, criminal and penal law, as well as family law. Our international partnerships allow us to have a global reach. This means that when you immigrate to Canada, we can help you solve a variety of issues arising from your settlement, like negotiating your commercial lease or opening your Canadian business and other legal matters as well. Waïce Ferdoussi Attorney Company will provide you a personalized service, tailored to your needs, while guaranteeing complete satisfaction and confidentiality.;.

General Information

If you are currently considering moving to Canada, please fill out our evaluation form so that we may assess your situation and potential options. This form is ONLY applicable for candidates in the investor class, the entrepreneur class, the independent worker class, nor the qualified worker class.

An attorney will evaluate your situation and contact you with a path to permanent residency.

You will then sign a contract with Waïce Ferdoussi Attorney Company.

When the file has been completed and all of the forms are completed and signed, we will submit your file to the appropriate visa office.

If one is requested by the authorities, we will prepare you for interview.

If you desire to be accompanied to your interview, this can be arranged with the firm